Monday, April 23, 2007


Jim Reimler, PD at WNAX sent me an brief e-mail this afternoon. He verified my report of October 13th 2006 (KONG14). Heard WNAX with a nice identification and promo for their listerners tour to sunny Hawaii!

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kelbar49058 said...

i recently discovered "your neighbor lady" coolbooks of my grandmothers. I could not put them down I read them cover to cover and then again! What those ladies accomplished in a time of war without husbands was truly great. I wonder what happend to Wynn Speece and her Husband. I am on the lookout for all missing years I have 1944 and 1946. Lots of great wartime advice on cooking and household tips. I love it. Maybe I can find the old radio show on the the Sirius network oldies. Thank you

Kellie Barcroft
Hastings, Michigan